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So what is staging…

Staging is merchandising a house through the use of art, accessories and furniture placement to highlight the properties selling features and minimize distractions buyers encounter while previewing a property. Many people confuse staging and decorating. Decorating is personalizing living spaces to create an environment that reflects the personal style and needs of the individual homeowner.When we’re staging, we aren’t trying to express one’s personal style, we’re trying to help potential buyers see your home’s potential as their home.

Occupied Staging

Occupied Staging is utilizing home owner’s existing furnishings to merchandise a property. This usually entails simplifying the décor throughout the house and a minimal investment in accessories for kitchen and bathrooms. This option uses our staging experience to enhance your home and its features. Your home can be completely staged by our professionals or on a room by room basis using an hourly rate. Our philosophy is that “We Can Do As Much or As Little As You Want”. The process usually involves using the homeowners’ existing furnishings and accessories in new and interesting ways to enhance your homes’ selling features.

Vacant Staging

Vacant Staging is bringing in furniture, art, and accessories to create a warm and inviting environment while giving clear purpose to main living spaces. These items are selected to compliment the style and hardscapes of the property as well as appeal to the property’s target demographic.